Nova Starforged Nozzle V1.1

Nova Hotend hardened steel nozzle
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Specs and description:

Hardened nozzle, Vlad style. Go hard or go home!


Compatibility: Nova Hotend only


  • material: D2 tool steel
  • hardness: HRC60.
  • thermal Conductivity: 20W/(m*K)
  • friction coefficient: 0.16

Treated surface:

  • treated area: 100% (entirely coated, unlike all other market coatings, which can only coat outside and don't really do anything. Oops)
  • material: starforged obsidian dust (maybe not)
  • thickness: 0.1mm
  • hardness: HRC71
  • thermal Conductivity: 60W/(m*K)
  • friction coefficient: 0.08


  • mirror polished for easy cleanup and for seeing your beautiful face in it. Muah!