NOVA 2 hotend (PREORDER, 20% OFF)

NOVA 2 hotend (PREORDER, 20% OFF)
NOVA 2 hotend (PREORDER, 20% OFF)
NOVA 2 hotend (PREORDER, 20% OFF)
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Specs and description:

A fully refundable discounted Nova 2 preorder deposit.

Early preorder discount: 20%

Nova 2 is tailored towards industrial heavy use customer and will be the most reliable hotend in the world.

Purchase includes:

1. Nova hotend with watercooling heatsink and tubes.

2. 100W Incoloy800 premium precision heater, pre-assembled

3. PT1000 thermal sensor.

4. 0.5mm nozzle


Key features that I can reveal for now:

1. Comes in only watercooled version, tubes are included, pump and external radiator is not.

2. 30% taller hot zone, while total height is less than Nova 1.

3. Weight is slightly reduced, despite a much taller hot zone and much higher flow.

4. Expected max flow: ~80mm3/s.

5. Completely structural with single hand EASY nozzle change.

6. New, significantly improved nozzle design

7. Designed for industrial use, will support up to 700C.

8. Fully compatible with Bondtech mounts.

9. Nova 1 is the most thermally efficient hotend int he world, even 4.5 years after launch, well hold my beer for Nova 2.

Nova 1 was made by me literally on a lap with limited CAD and engineering knowledge. Let me put it straight: my skill has improved 10x since that time and I have gathered a ton of super valuable customer feedback, which played the vital role in Nova 2 development which took me about a year to get right and to gather all great ideas in one product.

This is all I can say for now!

Deliveries are expected to start in December.

Preorder is fully refundable at any time for any reason.